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The rapidly growing company reshaping sustainable gastronomy! Savor our delectable, plant-based delights, crafted from locally sourced, eco-friendly ingredients. We take pride in our commitment to a guilt-free dining experience with 100% compostable packaging, reducing plastic waste. Supporting small-scale farmers, we champion a fair food system. Transparency guides us, ensuring you know the origins of your meal. Join the movement for a greener tomorrow – Future Feed is not just food; it’s a sustainable revolution!

What we Believe

At Future Feed, our core beliefs are grounded in a vision of a better and more sustainable world. We firmly believe in the power of gastronomy to positively impact both individuals and the planet. That’s why we are committed to crafting mouthwatering plant-based delights that not only tantalize taste buds but also leave a light footprint on the environment. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from carefully sourcing eco-friendly ingredients to utilizing 100% compostable packaging, reducing plastic waste and preserving our precious ecosystems. We also strongly believe in ethical responsibility, supporting local communities and fair practices throughout our supply chain. Transparency is key to building trust, and we are dedicated to sharing the origins of our ingredients and production processes openly. Through education and awareness, we seek to inspire a conscious shift in the way we approach food, fostering a community of eco-conscious foodies who join us in shaping a better, greener tomorrow, one delicious bite at a time.

Speech of the Chairman

Assalamu Aalaiqum.

Dear all of my team members, customers and well wishers, accept my cordial greetings. Pure Pusty Agro Industries Ltd. is a visionary platform which tries at utmost level to ensure the best quality products and services to the customers. In that perspective, I and my team are working hard tirelessly. I know that someday we will arrive at the peak of our mission. I do not know whether we will be at Cent percent successful or not, but I personally believe that we can bring a change in every sphere of traditional business through the operation of my young self motivated, enthusiastic and visionary team. Former PM of UK, Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is
the courage to continue that counts”. We will continue our ongoing efforts until the changes come into light. So, I want to suggest the challengers, never be worried, just work with honesty, be optimistic and go ahead with a dream. I expect the cooperation of all. Thanks

Our Mission

At Future Feed, our mission is at the very core of everything we do. We are on a steadfast journey to revolutionize the way we think about food and its impact on the planet, one delectable plant-based delight at a time.

Our primary focus is to craft mouthwatering dishes that not only delight your taste buds but also leave a positive and lasting imprint on the environment. By embracing sustainable gastronomy, we are committed to reducing our ecological footprint and promoting a greener and more ethical food system.

Our Vision

Our vision at Future Feed is to lead the way towards a future where sustainable gastronomy is the norm. We envision a world where delicious plant-based delights are accessible to all, promoting a healthier and more environmentally responsible lifestyle.

Through our continued efforts in sourcing locally and using eco-friendly ingredients, we aspire to set an example for the food industry and inspire others to embrace sustainable practices.

Our Product and Services

At Future Feed, we are passionate about promoting sustainability and responsible agriculture. Our meticulously crafted animal feed is designed to provide optimal nutrition for fish, cows, and chickens while minimizing the ecological impact.

Our fish, cow, and chicken feed are meticulously crafted to provide optimal nutrition while minimizing ecological impact. Embrace responsible agriculture and join us in nourishing a greener future! 

Join us in embracing responsible animal husbandry and nourishing a greener future with Future Feed’s revolutionary animal feed. Together, let’s make a positive impact on the environment and ensure a sustainable and thriving world for generations to come! 🌱🐟🐄🐔🍃

Nasima Khatun completed her degree from National University. She is directly involved with the business support team and is also an investor. She is the Managing Director of Future Feed

Mrs.Nasima (KD) Chairman
Qazi Delwar (KD) Managing Director
Kazi Jannatul Fatima Dighi Director


Future Feed embraces a profound sense of responsibility in our pursuit of reshaping sustainable gastronomy. As a company deeply committed to creating a positive impact, we prioritize various essential responsibilities.

Environmental Responsibility: Our dedication to environmental preservation is unwavering. We meticulously source locally and use eco-friendly ingredients, ensuring our practices have a minimal ecological footprint. By opting for 100% compostable packaging, we actively reduce plastic waste and contribute to a cleaner planet.

Our social Commitment

Future Feed, our social commitment is deeply rooted in our values and guides every aspect of our operations. We understand the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen and strive to make a positive impact on society.

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